~ About Myzel's Chocolate~

Some have called it “the ultimate cookie”, the cookie after which no other cookie seems to matter. We can say without exaggeration that our cookie (we make no other) is handmade in our little chocolate shop on West 55th Street in the heart of New York City, from the finest chocolate, walnuts and other pure, first class ingredients. We offer the cookie with or without its robe of chocolate.

We are the Myzel family: Myself, Kamila and my mother Lucy, and we are traditional European chocolatiers. The cookie recipe is a traditional one refined by my mother over decades within a chocolate-making tradition and also within a profound family tradition of exceptional baking and cooking.

We work together in our shop across from City Center in Manhattan and, aside from our singular cookie, we make hand-made truffles in diverse flavors as well as rich assortment of classic chocolates. We offer a broad range of gift baskets as well.

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