Chocolates with nuts

Our signature chocolate, with different selections of nuts. A perfect mix of crunch and smoothness.

Buy our chocolate!

You can order our chocolate with nuts for delivery over the phone. Chocolate with nuts are $38/lb plus tax and shipping. We ship to anywhere in the United States. You can also order for pickup.

Chocolate Nut Bar

Our signature blend of the highest quality, fresh-roasted almonds, hazelnuts, pistacios, and dried cranberries is available in dark, mille, or white chocolate. Smoothly melting with highlights of contrasting texture and flavor.

Almond Butter Crunch

Roasted crunch of almonds bathed in buttery caramel and finished with the sweet creaminess of the best milk chocolate. Has real depth of flavor.

Chocolate Nut Clusters

Try our other varieties of chocolates with nuts! These include: Almond Clusters, Hazelnut Clusters, Cashew Clusters, Walnut Clusters, Pecan Clusters, Cashew Patties, Pecan Patties, and Almond Bark.
All are available in milk and dark chocolate.